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Jessica is a registered yoga teacher, a licensed massage therapist, and a certified functional range conditioning (FRC) coach. She blends yoga’s conscious breathing and postural practices with FRC’s joint training principles. She offers manual and movement therapy to private clients. She also provides continued education to yoga teachers and students. Her favorite topics include living anatomy, body mechanics, and the role of the nervous system in learning and movement. . Contact Jessica to set up a one on one session.

Jessica Carlin embodies everything you could ever want in a yoga teacher. When you go into Jessica's class you can be certain you will come out centered, stretched and refreshed :)”

Jessica has had a profound effect on my own personal practice. You can definitely expect to be pushed in her classes and come out ever so grateful for it.”

A truly calming, peaceful presence... Jessica has enriched my practice on many levels. Undoubtedly, without her instruction I would not be as healthy in mind and body as I am today.”