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Jessica is a yoga practitioner, teacher, and eager student of mind-body paradigms. Her classes emphasize a balance between strength and flexibility, conscious breathing, and heightened attention. She believes that the body lives only in the present moment and by bringing our full attention to the sensations it provides, we inevitably elevate our level of consciousness as well as our ability to feel empathy for others. Her goal is to assist people in the embodiment process . She does this by delivering imaginative cues that access a person's bank of common experiences (like lifting something heavy or moving in slow motion), utilizing language that guides self adjustments and assessments which drive a safe but curious exploration of sensations in the body. Known for creative sequences that build safely and progressively to more complex postures and transitions, Jessica asks practitioners to listen closely, be present fully, and trust their strength.

In addition to traditional yoga poses, Jessica offers some alignment principles of the bowspring method which aims to maintain the natural curves of the spine, achieve tensile strength and lightness while using the least amount of physical energy. As a certified Integrative Movement Specialistâ„¢, Functional Range Conditioning Coach, and Kinstretch instructor, she is trained to assess basic movement dysfunctions, optimize movement patterns, and improve range of motion and breathing habits for students of any level.

Jessica completed her first teacher training in 2006 with Prana Vinyasa Flow creator Shiva Rea and has attended numerous workshops and classes with senior yoga educators. She has led yoga teacher trainings and instructed a variety of workshops for multiple Chicago studios since 2010.